INNOVATION: Era of Enlightenment [Emmanuel]

Emmanuel Thompson

Emmanuel Thompson is a sophomore at Malcolm X College. He is also the founder of Strength Together, an app supporting teens struggling with mental illness. Not only has he taught himself Agile, but while in high school, he also built The Future Founders Club, to teach it to his peers. When he realized he was interested in technology, he built a few computers and began to teach himself code. In doing so, he merged his passions in business and technology, and began developing an app to improve students' mental health. Friends of Emmanuel will vouch for his empathy, his strong drive and leadership skills and tell you how he helped decrease the number of suicides at his high school and helped kids better deal with their bullies. Since leaving Gray Matter, Emmanuel has placed 3rd in the South Side Pitch Competition hosted by Polsky Exchange, making that the first time a teenager had ever placed in the competition. He’s also spoken on panels for World Business Chicago and Loyola University. Emmanuel is passionate about entrepreneurship because he relishes the challenge, the opportunity to put his skills to the test and come out on top, and then turn around to help others do the same.

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