INNOVATION: Era of Enlightenment [Aaron]

Aaron Mitchell

My name is Aaron Mitchell and I am a 20 year old developing-entrepreneur and professional athlete. Martial arts was something I was always interested in that grew stronger with time, until I decided to become a professional fighter. For the last few years I’ve worked towards becoming a professional MMA fighter and beginning my martial arts journey. I didn’t want to neglect my dreams of entrepreneurship, so I am combining my two passions by opening a combat gym. This way, I can have the freedom to be my own boss and double down on my passions while also using it to give youth structure and an outlet to their aggressions. Aside from martial arts, I also rap. “Aaron The Paragon” is my epithet and I make multiple genres of music for fun. 

During my time in [Cohort 3 of] the Gray Matter program, I advanced to the final pitch competition, and although I didn’t win, it set me on a path to always reach for greatness in the best way for myself. I have to credit Gray Matter for greatly helping me in my abilities to find a niche, whether that be in a career sense or any other sense, and use that niche to thrust my life into the path I choose. I feel like I was given the options, knowledge, and diversity of experience to be able to trust myself in my future as an entrepreneur or whatever else I do regardless of whether I’m an entrepreneur or not.

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