Youtuber and BBC Radio London presenter, is selling advertising space on her forehead to the highest bidder!

Claira Hermet, from Essex, will have a non-permanent logo or brand name tattooed on her forehead for 21 days. Three lucky consumers or *brands with the highest bids, will have their company name or any text they wish tattooed (within reason) on Claira’s forehead for one week each for 21 days. Money raised will go to Shelter, Black Minds Matter and Calm all of which are nationwide charities in need of support during the festive period.

What are you bidding for? 1 x 7 days of your logo or design on Claira's forehead in the form of a non permentant tattoo supplied by Claira will wear the logo or design permentantly for the 7 days. As a result it will feature across her social media platforms totalling an audicence of in excess of 110,000.

*The winning brands/companies must in no way sell, manufacture or promote gambiling, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, pornography or the sex industry. Other restrictions on the winning bid may apply.


Total Bid: 13

Value: Priceless
Item Sold

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