Bernie-Style Mittens for Outright Vermont - Donated Back to Outright!

UPDATE: OMGgggggeeeeeee. The winner of the mittens donated them right back, which means we have a second winner tonight! Way to double the money raised for LGBTQ+ youth! Heck Yeah!

You'll never be satisfied with just the meme - you need the real Bernie-styled deal! Handmade by your favorite Vermont schoolteacher, Jen Ellis, from repurposed materials, we are jazzed to present
The XO Mitten!!!

Kiss off every last lingering thing from 2020, Bernie-style. These mittens, made in the same spirit as the mitties Jen gave to Bernie, will complete the look for the inner curmudgeon you've been dying to take out on the town. They say, "I'm here but don't cross me." They say, "I'm with you and I'm watching you." These crossed mitts speak for all of us when we say: "We're here to stay cozy, and we aren't going anywhere. We are berning to ensure that systems of power work for all of us--starting with LGBTQ+ youth!"

We're honored that Jen chose Outright Vermont as the recipient of these beloved mittens. You can be a part of social media history - bid on these mitties and make them yours!  You're building hope, equity, and power for LGBTQ+ youth - Heck Yeah!

(These mittens are a brand-new pair of mittens made by Jen, and channel all her love and Bernie's style and commitment to Vermont. They are not THE mittens. Thank you!)

Highest Bid : $7,650.00 (30 bids)
Highest Bid By: 8241B4
Value: Priceless
Item Sold

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