UFO Scrap Samples for Make-A-Wish

Over the last 6 months, dispite my efforts to avoid scraps, I have accumulated around 6 lbs of scraps after creating samples for the UFO boxes. I thought for a while about what I could do with these samples... sell scrap packs? Give them away in the hopes that someone would use them? Or auction them off for charity?

Well I've decided to auction them off for charity! Sure, 6 lbs of scrap filaments from brands like Proto Pasta, Fillamentum, HQA, 3D Fuel, Village Plastics, Snolabs, Makerfiber, Makeshaper, Polymaker, Zyltech, Matterhackers, HERZ, 3D Print NY, 3D Solutech, AIO, Prusament... may not be a lot. But it's not about the filament, it's about the charity...

There are many children in the world with critical illnesses, who may not have many holidays left to celebrate. I personally would love it if the 3D Printing community could help grant at least a single wish this Chrismas to a child and put a smile on their face. So I have setup a page at Make-A-Wish to collect donations, but I have also setup a charity Auction for a single package of 6lbs of filament sample scraps.

The winner will also receive a mystery prize... the Charity Mothership!

Click Here to visit the Alien3D Make-A-Wish Page

Highest Bid : $100.00 (3 bids)
Highest Bid By: 171238
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