Fibonacci-Mondrian Spiral

Choleena DiTullio
Paper mosaic with acrylic gloss, 2020
29.5"W x 18"H x 1.75"D

About: If you have looked through my collection you may have noticed a piece or two where the color matrix of the artist Piet Mondrian figures prominently. I love his passion or outright obsession with finding the 'perfect' palette. I don't know if he found it but he did develop something worth preserving and exploring. You may have also noticed I am heavily influenced and inspired by nature. This influence and an early love of science has caused me to investigate the work of Leonardo Fibonacci, the 13th century scientist responsible for spreading the Hindu/Arabic numeral system throughout Europe. His obsession with finding the underpinning rules of natural shapes blends perfectly, for me, with Mondrian's search for the perfect palette. Father of Math, meet the Father of Colour. This is one of my abstract series that can compliment nearly any space. Among others, I used heavyweight red and blue, and fine white and yellow rice papers in this piece.

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