Am I Worth It?

Christos Pantieras

A component from a larger in-situ installation, 2017
Letters cast in cement, subfloor, glue, grout, custom steel frame.
Framed, 59 x 59 x 3 cm

"Christos Pantierasausculte la fragilité des relations personnelles, voire intimes, qui se révèlentdans les communautés virtuelles. Intéressé particulièrement par la perte d’humanisme qu’unécran d’ordinateur peut engendrer, il réoriente ce moyen de communication vers desinstallationset des œuvres qui témoignent de ses discussions virtuelles, et souvent de leur fin abrupte. Parl’utilisation de textes reçus dans sa boîte de réception, il transpose ses observations, ses propresrelations et sa vulnérabilité. L’artiste demande : Am I Worth it?" Essai de Marie-Hélène Leblanc

"Christos Pantieras auscultesthe fragility of personal and intimate relationships, revealed in virtualcommunities. Particularly interested in the loss of humanism that a computer screen generates,he reorients this way of communicating towards installations and artworks that testifyto his virtualdiscussions, and their often abrupt end. Using texts received in his inbox, he transposes hisobservations, his relationships and his vulnerability. The artist asks: Am I Worth it?" An excerpt from an essay by Marie-Hélène Leblanc

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