Unique Inkermezzo Print

About the piece:

“A Cellist’s Self-Portrait” (16”x20”) is an archival giclée print uniquely embellished with a hand-drawn cello excerpt from the Schumann Cello Concerto, gilded with gold metal leaf. The original drawing was completed with Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils in shades of gray and black, nearing 50 hours to complete in the early pandemic of March 2020. Searching for identity when "the music stopped," the artist/cellist embraced the physical wears that many years of dedicated practice made permanent; she was still a cellist, even without a stage.


About the artist:

Artist Megan Chartier is a professional classical cellist creating ballpoint and ink artwork in between performances.

The name Inkermezzo comes from the works "ink" and "intermezzo." As a professional cellist, I am always trying to integrate both my artistic and musical passions. This title perfectly represents the role of this art shop in my life. An "intermezzo" is a musical movement coming between the major sections of an extended musical work. The art pieces that I create serve exactly as that - a hobby that happens between my rehearsals and performances.

My mission as an artist has always been to bring life to detail—but in our current times, my goal is to use my skills for education, awareness, and activism. Current works are focused in political, racial, and gender topics within classical music.

As a self-taught artist, I began seriously drawing around age 12, focusing in realistic graphite portraits. By age 15, I was accepting numerous commissions for portraits in graphite and colored pencil mediums. My artwork has been given various honors and awards and has also been featured in art shows and purchased in auctions. I made the difficult decision to pursue music instead of art at the collegiate level. Since then, I have been using my art as a way to unwind, but also to promote my concerts and celebrate the memories of classical musicians, artists, and beyond.


Note: this piece is unframed.

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