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5 common mistakes when doing affiliate marketing

Doing affiliate marketing or doing any form of making money online, our ultimate goal is to make money, a lot of money. And doing affiliate marketing is that we have to invest in making money long-term and sustainably, not making money in a moment. There will be mistakes you need to avoid to be successful in this field. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing or are intending to participate in making money online, please take a moment to read all of my shares below. It will help you.

Mistake 1: Just want to sell goods without solving problems for customers

Although we know that when we do affiliate marketing, the more products we sell, the better, but you should remember affiliate marketing, also known as Affiliate Marketing. And when doing Affiliate Marketing, we are just the people who introduce products to users with marketing links. To do that, it's not that you just fill your blog/website with banner ads and marketing links, but you have to give reasons to explain to customers that your product can solve their problems. customer problem.

People often refer to someone's reviews before making a purchase decision. Moreover, they also need instructions to be able to use the product after purchase. So you should give objective reviews, detailed instructions for them to decide to buy the product and can use the product after buying.

Don't just give the advantages in a good way about the product because customers will think you are advertising. Give the advantages and disadvantages objectively and then explain to them that those disadvantages are nothing compared to the advantages that the product brings.

Or give reasons to convince customers that your product can solve the problem customers need. In addition, should give honest reviews like someone who has experienced this product before (if possible, try the product first).

Mistake 2: Not experiencing, not learning thoroughly about marketing products

For each Affiliate Marker, it is very important to experience the product before marketing it because then you will be able to evaluate the product yourself before introducing it to customers. But many times, not everyone has the opportunity to experience the product. Therefore, you need to consult and learn about the product carefully before marketing it. Customers come to you, you must give them trust so that they can trust to do what you "tell".

For example, for me when marketing Vultr 's VPS products, I have to try this product to be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages before advising customers. When it is clear that the product has many advantages and is worth using, then introduce it to customers. Because you may lose all the trust of your readers if you introduce them to a product that is not as advertised. That's why it's important to put yourself in the user's shoes before recommending anything to your readers.

Mistake 3: There is no comparison between similar products

The way to highlight the product you want to market is to compare that product with 2 or 3 other similar products. You should understand, when customers want to buy, they also compare products of the same type and when they narrow down to 2-3 products, they need someone to analyze and help them choose which product to choose. This is where you jump in to help them choose the products you market.

By doing this comparison, you not only stimulate the customer to make the final decision but also help you add links to 2-3 new marketing products. And more than that, this also helps you know which products your readers prefer more thereby giving you a new direction to choose the right marketing products.

Mistake 4: Not maintaining interaction with customers

The customers here I want to talk about are your readers. If you care about them, solve the problems they need, then they will become customers to buy the products you market. If you want your marketing strategy to be successful or interact with customers more to be able to help them solve their queries as quickly as possible. Because sometimes the ways to solve the problems you raise in the article are not enough for a certain customer, so they need your support quickly. Sometimes, as long as you interact at the right time, customers can easily make an immediate purchase decision. So let's interact with customers more to understand what they are interested in so that we can have the right direction.

Mistake 5: Not tracking and reporting the source of orders

A very common mistake for those who are just starting to do affiliate marketing is not tracking and statistics on the source of the order. If you are thinking that it is ok to have an order and then need to know where it comes from, then you are making a huge mistake. Why? Like this, if you sell a certain product, you need to find out where that order comes from (from Facebook, web/blog, forum, ...) or you are running ads on channels like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc., then you have to track which channel the orders come from so that you can push harder and focus on that channel more to get the best revenue.

Earning a lot of orders, getting a lot of commissions is great, but if you know the source and how to generate that money and the know-how to take advantage of it, you can become a successful marketer.

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